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Goals of Real Estate Investment

Real Estate:

What is real estate? Real estate is a field that involves buying, selling or renting of residential or commercial units with the help of a real estate agent. The real estate agent suggests, advices and guides clients according to their interest and demand of a certain asset. The agent also helps in negotiating so that both parties (the selling and buying party) mutually agree on the said price.


What is investment? “Investment is often confused with another similar term called ‘Savings.’ Investment is an asset or invested in to build wealth and save money from the hard earned income.” This is done when people want to extend their monetary benefits and earn more than just a monthly income.


Investment and saving are two things that just seem to have endless benefits. These two things will never bring any sort of disadvantage to your financial matters. When it comes to investment in real estate, the list of advantages becomes too long. Here are a few benefits of doing investment in real estate:

  1. Additional source of income
  2. Monetary profit
  3. Cash flow
  4. Secure future

Apart from these if you invest in a residential unit (house) and at some point you feel like you have enjoyed enough benefits from your asset and now want to reside in the same, even that is a great benefit.


Now coming to the motives and purpose of investing in real estate. Goals of investment vary from person but some goals that are common to all are listed below:

  1. Financial security
  2. A type of saving
  3. Monthly source of income
  4. Additional way of making money
  5. To generate profit

Financial Security:

Investment of any sort brings a sense of financial security with it. When you invest in real estate in the form commercial or residential unit, you get an additional income apart from your regular one. This income provides security for the future. Investing in Park View Islamabad is a secure Investment 

A type of saving:

People like to save in many ways. Saving involves depositing money in your bank account, giving committee or by simply saving cash at home in your locker. Similarly, investment in real estate also become a type of saving as you know that even if you don’t earn too much profit you can always get back the amount invested.

Monthly source of income:

In real estate, investing in a commercial or residential unit can provide you a monthly source of income by rental means. For instance, if you invest in a commercial unit (shop, office, etc) or a residential unit (house, apartment etc) you can put these on rent and generate a monthly source of earning through these for as long as you like.  

Additional way of making money:

Most people earn through a job or a business but once they have made sufficient amount of money they invest in an asset that yields high returns. This is done in order to create an additional way of making money.

To generate profit:

Some people like doing business while others like investing in property that will later on turn out to be highly profitable. The main goal of investment is to generate profit and add more to your substantial wealth.  

These are the main goals of investing in real estate that help you achieve long term benefits out of them.

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