Pakistan is the perfect blend of modernism and cultural heritage. Citizens of this country come from individual backgrounds, holding different morals, speaking distinct languages, enjoying variety of delicacies yet what brings them all together is sport! Even though Pakistan’s national sport is hockey, the love they have for Cricket is beyond words. This is how Pakistanis never fail to surprise you!

In this country Cricket is not just thought of as a sport only, not just an event but a mix of emotions that lives within the hearts of cricket lovers!


What does it mean to sponsor an event? How does sponsorship work? The answer is that an individual, organization or a company fully pays or contributes a generous amount needed in carrying out an event. This is done for promotional purposes which take place through digital and social media.


So what exactly is cricket? Cricket is a game that originated in south east England in 18th century and is now played and enjoyed worldwide. It constitutes of bat and ball used by 11 players one after the other, on a field at the center of which is a 22-yard pitch with a wicket at each end, each wicket comprises of two bails balanced on three stumps. The game actually involves12 players in each team but only 11 out of them get to play while the 12th player is only allowed to field if need be.


Any sport involves a set of formats which is required to play the same. The three types of formats in cricket which are played internationally are listed below:

  1. Test matches
  2. One Day Internationals (ODIs)
  3. Twenty20 Internationals (T20I)

These are the basic 3 formats which are played at various tournaments like ICC World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, etc. While ICC World Cup is played in ODI format, T20 World Cup is played in T20 format.

Park View City (PVC):

Now you must be thinking why the topic shifted from cricket to a residential society all of a sudden. Well the reason is that most of the series require sponsors to take place. These sponsors can range from business men to society owners who are in position of providing great monetary means. Same is the case here as Park View City has become the official sponsor of Umpires National T20 Cup.

Park View City is a housing project of the well-known politician come philanthropist Mr. Aleem Khan who owns Vision Group. The owner is once again sponsoring a cricket event as the management of PVC is as much of a cricket fan as us.

Umpires National T20 Cup:

The National T20 Cup is a men’s professional cricket competition that is played domestically in T20 manner. This type of tournament was founded in Pakistan in the year 2005, whereas it got established in the other parts of the world before the said time.

The umpires National T20 series will be held during the months of September and October. The league will take place in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium between 6 teams. The 6 teams that will get to play this league are Northern, Central and Southern Punjab along with Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK Squad. The kit being worn by the players will have name of PVC written over them to show sponsorship.

Pakistan Super League (PSL):

Before sponsoring Umpires National T20, Park View City sponsored the whole Pakistan Super League 6 (PSL 6). PSL is a professional cricket league that is played in T20 format every year in the months of February and March within six teams that represent six different cities of Pakistan. The league was initially introduced in 2015 by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Not only did they sponsor this event but the society also gave prizes to fans who gave correct answers regarding cricket relevant questions.

Being the authorized sales partner of PVC we congratulate the team on sponsoring the most loved game of the country, time and again. No wonder Park View City has successfully stolen hearts of investors, sports and nature lovers all at once. We wish them continued growth and success for all their future endeavors!