Top 3 Housing Societies for Real Estate Investment

Top 3 Housing Societies for Real Estate Investment

For individuals who dream about growing their wealth, the Real estate is the best sector for making valuable investments. The real estate sector of Pakistan offers a lucrative opportunity for investors and buyers from all classes. However, choosing the correct housing society is crucial for making real estate investments. You have to make sound decisions before investing in any housing society to have maximum returns and long-term secure investments.

For making the right real estate investment, the top 3 housing societies to consider for valuable assets are as follows:

Top 3 Housing Societies Best Investment

Here are Top 3 housing societies for real estate investment in islamabad.

Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley is a luxurious housing project in the heart of Islamabad for real estate investment purposes. The strategic location of this exceptional housing society at Chakri Road is easily accessible from all city hubs, ultimately making it highly desirable for investors and buyers. The society’s master-planned infrastructure, world-class amenities, and cutting-edge facilities offer you a promising and secure investment opportunity. 

The advantages of Prime Valley Islamabad don’t end here! Even though Islamabad’s most luxurious housing society, Prime Valley offers highly cost-effective payment plans matching your budgets and requirements, adding enhancing the appeal and charm of the community. Prime Valley Islamabad has become the most sought-after destination for you all due to it’s:

  • Affordable Payment and Installment Plans
  • Magnificent Infrastructure
  • Renowned owners and Developers – PIHS
  • World-class Amenities – Luxurious living at its maximum!
  • Gated Community – Secure and Safe Environment for your loved ones!
  • Quality Lifestyle based on International standards!
  • Investment Potential – Higher Returns on Fewer Investments! 
Prime Valley Islamabad

Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Another top housing society in the real estate sector of Pakistan is Gulberg Greens Isb. Don’t you want to enjoy luxury living at its peak? Then Gulberg Greens is surely for you! The immense popularity of the housing society is due to its fast development status and green living. 

A perfect place for all your wildest wishes to come true! Gulberg Greens Islamabad is known for its:

  • Strategic Location – Situated on Main Islamabad Expressway
  • Connecting both Islamabad and Rawalpindi at the same time.
  • Reputable Developers and Owners – The Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS)
  • Legal Housing Society 
  • World Class Architecture – Magnificent Infrastructure
  • Most prominent Commercial Centers – The Civic Center, Business Park, and Business Square
  • Gulberg Residencia – Just 6 minute drive away from the Gulberg Greens Islamabad.
  • Offering the potential for high rental returns and capital appreciation for you!
  • High rental returns and capital appreciation, making it a secure and profitable real estate investment.
Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

Imagine your dream place in the beautiful city of Islamabad at highly affordable rates! Blue World City Isb is another grand housing project for real estate investments. Nobody has ever thought of such a perfect balance of comfort and luxury in a single place, but Blue World City Islamabad has made this dream an actual reality! 

The captivating housing society offers endless amenities to its residents yet at highly affordable payment plans and perfectly scheduled installment plans.

  • Prime Location – Situated on the Main Chakri Road and running parallel to the Lahore – Islamabad M2 Motorway.
  • Proximity to New Islamabad International Airport 
  • Renowned Owners & Developers – Blue Group of Companies, owned by Saad Nazir, are the developers of Blue World City Islamabad.
  • Legal Housing Society – Approved NOC Status by Rawalpindi Development Authority
  • World-Class Amenities – Gated communities, commercial centers, and mosques built on magnificent architecture
  • International standards -based educational and healthcare structures
  • Uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity supply
  • Promising investment opportunity – Potential for Capital Gains
Blue World City Islamabad

Final Remarks

Investing in the right housing society is the best real estate investment for generating valuable long-term assets. Housing societies are the most desirable among investors and homebuyers for their endless amenities. But before deciding to invest in any housing society, you must do thorough background research or consult trusted real estate agency. If you want to make a diverse real estate portfolio or earn valuable real estate investments, invest now in the housing society matching your needs and requirements!


Which is the best housing society in Pakistan?

The top 5 best housing societies in the real estate sector of Pakistan that deliver you valuable investment opportunities are as follows:
Prime valley Islamabad
Blue World City Islamabad 
Gulberg Greens Islamabad
Avalon City Islamabad
Parkview City Islamabad

Which is the largest housing society in Pakistan?

Currently, Bahria Town is the largest housing society in Pakistan.

Is Blue World City Islamabad a legal housing Society?

Blue World City Islamabad is a legal and authorized housing society in Islamabad, as Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved its structure design planning permit.

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