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Top five smart features of Lahore Smart City

Set to become Pakistan’s 2nd Smart City, with a high tech and environment-friendly atmosphere. It is being based on the vision of creating a clean and green society which will be inspired by smart cities around the world. This vision has been based on inducing and using technology for human welfare, as well as providing a close connection with nature. Lahore smart city will become the 5th Smart City of Asia, after Capital Smart City at 4th. Splendid architecture, mesmerizing greenery and impressive lifestyle, Lahore Smart City is going to become investors’ focal point to seek profit on investment. The prices of plots, both residential and commercial, are highly rising. LSC has a mission to create an ideal, up to date, yet sustainable Discussed below are five main features of Pakistan’s second Smart City.

  • Smart security system

Due to the smart CCTV cameras of the smart security system, this society ensures your safety and wellbeing. In times of high crime rates and security issues, these systems have been installed in the society to make sure that there is no threat to the residents and visitors of the society. It is a feature that makes life in CSC highly sustainable and freely livable.

  • Smart utility monitoring

Through smart utility monitoring, the residents of Capital Smart City Islamabad will be able to monitor the use of basic utilities like electricity, Sui gas and water. This helps individuals from facing financial problems at the end of the month. People usually go through a shock not realizing how much worth utilities have they unknowingly used.

  • Smart waste management system

Capital smart city Lahore, like all other features, has instilled another facility for easing its residents’ lives. There is discomfort and undesirable situation regarding waste management in every home, and people need to store it for more than a day or two to throw it away. This results in pungent smells if disposal takes any longer. Smart waste management system in Capital Smart City,. This will ensure ease for the residents and a convenient waste management system.

  • Smart metering system

Smart metering system is another feature that will help you in monitoring water, gas, and electricity bills through your phone! You will be receiving all data and information regarding the utility bills of your residence. This way, you can have a control over the amount of utilities used every month. This feature can save you from the worries of overuse of utilities, help you plan out your routines well, and save up on important things like water and gas. Energy consumption around the world has increased to an alarming level. Energy saving has become an essential to save the world from a global climate crisis.

Lahore Smart City takes you on a journey through the natural and man-made wonders of the world. Our building blocks include architectural splendor, urban grandeur, smart lifestyle, modern construction, state-of-the-art town-planning, design, and civil engineering. Lahore Smart City is set to become Pakistan’s second smart city.

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