You are currently viewing Upcoming Commercial Plots In Overseas Prime CSC Islamabad

Upcoming Commercial Plots In Overseas Prime CSC Islamabad

Capital Smart City Housing Project

Commercial real estate is without a doubt one of the most luxurious and expensive types of property. Commercial areas in Pakistan have become a great source of earning and adding value to the economy of the country. Earlier, commercial areas used to be situated only in the markets of the country. However, a new concept has been introduced. 

Big housing societies are developed nowadays where commercial hubs are incorporated at their designated space for the ease of residents and visitors. A housing society named Capital Smart City has built commercial space within the society to offer an amusement experience. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a housing venture that started in the year 2020 and has left everyone amazed. The society is based on provision of smart life that promotes sustainability and energy saving features. For example, at night street lights are always on, even when there is no car or passenger passing by. This way a lot of electricity is consumed, resulting in wastage of the energy. So to cater issues like that, smart features like Smart Street Lights have been introduced. These lights have sensors placed in them which detect movement and increase or decrease the intensity of light as per requirement. 

Upcoming Commercial Plots:

Announcement of Capital Smart City commercial plots has been made by the Directors, Sales & Management. These plots will be reserved in one of the most popular blocks of CSC, named as Overseas Prime. The plot cuttings that will be available in the commercial category are mentioned below: 

  1. 4 Marla
  2. 8 Marla

Payment Procedure:

Keeping in mind the fact that commercial plots are highly expensive and it can be quite difficult to give full payment in one go, the society has come up with a unique payment method. Capital Smart City payment plan offers the option of giving 20 percent booking charges and then the remaining 80 percent is paid in the form of quarterly installments. This way one can easily afford purchasing these high-end plots that will become money spinning resources in the near future!


After the announcement of these commercial plots, investors have become way too excited. Overseas Prime has already proven to be quite profitable and investing in these upcoming plots will surely generate huge monetary gains. You can also clear your doubts about Why is Capital Smart City one of the best investments? To get more updates, you can contact Regency Marketing, a real estate agency that is an authorized sales partner of Capital Smart City. 

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