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Why to choose Eighteen


In recent years, the notion of sustainable living has become more popular, and for good reason: It’s crucial to satisfy human needs and improve people’s quality of life while limiting our influence on the environment.

Housing in metropolitan areas should meet the needs of residents and the surrounding community while also being environmentally friendly. However, there is a common misunderstanding that environmentally friendly dwellings are less luxurious. The concept is that one needs to give up something for the sake of the other.. As a counterargument, an ideal resident unit may be both energy efficient and opulent.

Constructing a sustainable luxury product is becoming more popular, and this is having a ripple effect on the building industry.

Eighteen housing society is at the heart of this homebuilding revolution. Eighteen is a luxurious gated neighborhood within ten minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport and twenty minutes from the heart of Islamabad. The buildings at Eighteen, which include both residential and commercial components, represent the leading edge of environmentally friendly architecture. The luxury villas and apartments of Eighteen were built with the goal of saving water and energy.

A dedicated grid station will be Eighteen’s major source of power production, but the company will also install its own power producing units as a back-up. The dwellings are constructed such that each house may have a photovoltaic (PV) system and generate energy from solar power. Similarly, Eighteen plans to build a one-megawatt solar power facility for public parks and roadways. The fact that virtually all of Eighteen’s buildings will be powered by solar energy shows the company’s dedication to energy efficiency.

There will be a limited number of boreholes, and rainwater harvesting will be the primary supply of water. 1.2m of rain falls per m2 of land annually in the twin cities, therefore this water conservation strategy was developed with that in mind. Eighteen’s land area is 2.7 million square yards, which means it has a considerable yearly rain reserve. Using this rainfall as the primary supply of water, rather than letting it run off, would save water in the long term. The irrigation system is being developed and delivered by TORO, a well-known multinational corporation with a global presence. There are plans to irrigate the golf course using the grey water generated by Eighteen’s high-volume capacity sewage treatment systems. The World Green Building Council estimates that buildings and construction account for 39% of global carbon emissions. To address this specific threat, Eighteen builds with little environmental impact and without spending any more energy.

Eighteen is also home to an international standard 18-hole golf course and a large green area that includes trees and quality landscaping, parks, and community spaces that are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the housing society offers installment payment method as per Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plan.

Eighteen’s environmental stewardship extends beyond its immediate surroundings. Taking on the role of a socially conscious property investor, the luxury lifestyle project has made efforts to improve the city’s environmental conditions. For a three-year period beginning in July 2020, Eighteen will work with WWF-Pakistan on a Tree Plantation Campaign to help the capital’s metropolitan areas become more environmentally friendly by planting trees.

The building of Eighteen has been carefully considered in terms of how it will assist, rather than burden, future generations. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for Pakistani luxury consumers who also care about the environment.

To be clear, contemporary homeowners can’t go wrong with luxury development projects designed on the principles of sustainability and a decreased influence on climate change. Designed to withstand the test of time, these residences represent an investment in the residents’ well-being. If you are planning to buy an asset over here, consult Regency Marketing for a safe and secure investmnet.

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