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Avalon City Islamabad

The desire to become the first technological city in Pakistan drives the growth of Avalon City.

Avalon City Islamabad, Have you heard about it? The first tech city in Pakistan. Can you believe it? They’ve got 3D theaters, virtual theaters, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and other high-tech goodies to keep their residents entertained. And above all – they’re promising all this amazing stuff at a competitive price. They know what the people want, and they’re making it happen. Plus, with the dependable owners, developers, and designers behind the project, Avalon City Islamabad is the top real estate project in the whole country.

With a prime location, peaceful surroundings, ongoing development, and many top-notch amenities, Avalon City is the investment opportunity of a lifetime. They’re all about providing a cozy, well-maintained lifestyle with all primary and secondary cutting-edge facilities, so you know you’ll get the best. So take advantage of Avalon City is where you get your dream home!

Avalon City Islamabad Owners And Developers

Avalon City Islamabad is a visionary project brought to life by the renowned developers, Maaksons and owned by the famous politician and former governor, Imran Ismail. At Avalon City, they are dedicated to crafting a harmonious living experience that blends modernity with nature’s serenity. Maaksons, with its golden track record, brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to this housing society, ensuring that every aspect of this development is of the highest quality. With Imran Ismail as the owner, you can trust in the integrity and commitment that has defined his public service career. Avalon City  is not just a real estate venture; it’s a testament to the vision and dedication of its owners and developers. Together, Avalon City Owners and Developers are shaping Avalon City into a symbol of prosperity and progress, reflecting their shared vision for a brighter technological future in Islamabad.

Avalon City Islamabad Booking Method

The Avalon City booking process is very simple. If you want to book your plot, follow the below-mentioned steps of the booking process:

  • Fill out that booking application form with serious attention to detail. 
  • Attach copies of your CNIC and a passport-sized photo.
  • Now, make your down payment in cash, pay order, or cross-cheque. 
  • But wait, you can even pay in cold, hard cash. 
  • Finally, submit all your docs and payments and get the receipt.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it and book your plot in this crazy and amazing technological city.

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    Avalon City Islamabad Location & Map

    Want to live in a prime place in the capital city of Pakistan? Avalon City is then surely for you! Let’s explore Avalon City  location and map. The luxurious housing society is spread over a massive 5,000 Kanal of land. It is situated on the Main Chakri Road, near the Chakri Motorway Interchange, M2 (Lahore-Islamabad) Motorway, and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring road.

    Avalon City Islamabad Accessible Routes

    Avalon City is easily accessible through the following routes:

    • Direct access through Rawalpindi Ring Road
    • 10-minute drive from Chakri Interchange
    • Only a mere 12 minutes drive from Adyala Road.
    • A 20-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport
    • A 20-minute drive from Zero Point
    • A 25-minute drive from Blue Area Islamabad
    • Forty-five minutes from Islamabad International Airport.
    • Forty-seven minutes from Srinagar Highway.
    • Forty-nine minutes from M1 Motorway. 

    Avalon City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks

    Avalon City  Nearby Landmarks are as follows:

    • Blue World City Islamabad
    • Prime Valley Islamabad
    • Kingdom Valley Islamabad
    • Capital Smart City
    • Rudn Enclave
    • Mivida City Islamabad
    • Airport Housing Society
    • Bahria Town
    • Giga Mall
    • DHA Phase 2

    Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

    Avalon City  Payment and Installment Plan is very affordable and reasonable. Whether you’re looking for a spot to call home or want to go big with a massive property, they’ve got you covered. With three different plot categories available, you can choose the perfect size for your needs. So whether you’re a small family, a growing one, or just looking for much space, Avalon City Islamabad has the right plot size.


    Free Consultation

    At Regency Marketing, we believe in making your property journey as seamless and stress-free as possible. We offer our clients Free Property Consultations and a comprehensive suite of property-related solutions. Our commitment to you begins with a no-obligation, no-cost consultation, where our team of expert advisors will sit down with you to understand your unique real estate needs and aspirations. Whether buying, selling, or investing, our dedicated experts will guide you at every step, providing the best solutions that suit your goals. We’re not just in the business of real estate; we’re in the business of making your dreams a reality. Join us at Regency Marketing for a Free Consultation, and let’s unlock the potential of your property journey together. Your success is our mission, and it all starts here – with a conversation that costs you nothing but could mean everything.

      Avalon City Islamabad Features & Amenities

      Hold on to your seats, folks, because Avalon City  is not your average housing society! This place promises to be the epitome of luxury living, with state-of-the-art amenities and services that will blow your mind. Envision a place where you can experience a lifestyle that is second to none, where creativity and innovation are the norms, and cutting-edge technology is at your fingertips. From the latest gadgets to the most advanced infrastructure, Avalon City  is here to make your dreams a reality. So prepare to be forward to a world of unexceptional comfort and extravagance!

      Security System

      Avalon City guarantees the security of its residents by providing a 24/7 presence of security guards, CCTV cameras surveillance and secured entrance

      Gated Community

      Avalon City is a considerately designed and a well-planned gated community that prioritizes the security of its members. To ensure that only authorized individuals can access the housing society, go-through gates have been built at the entrances.

      Health Facilities

      Avalon City does not compromise on the health of its residents. Therefore, to guarantee this, state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, and outfitted with modern architecture hospitals will be made available for the wellbeing of its residents.

      Tech Enabled Society

      Welcome to the Tech Enabled Society, Pakistan's groundbreaking smart city. Get ready for a life transformed with cutting-edge solutions, from mind-bending 3D theatres to Wi-Fi trees and electric bikes. Step into a realm where innovation meets everyday living, redefining your digital-age experience.

      Educational Facilities

      There is no denying the fact that education is the bright passport to the future, for tomorrow who prepare for it today. Avalon City Islamabad promises to bring quality education to its residents rightfully for their bright future, absolutely with minimal travel and easy access.

      Modern Architecture

      Modern architectural style is widely considered to be the newest and youngest form of architectural style which makes use of environment friendly building materials that facilitate minimizing carbon footprint and reduced energy consumption. Being Pakistan’s first tech city, it aims to provide all the modern facilities and advanced technology solutions to its residents

      FAQs About Avalon City Islamabad

      We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Avalon City Islamabad as follows:

      Q1: What is Avalon City Islamabad NOC approval status?

      Ans. RDA is expected to shortly accept Avalon City Islamabad's NOC.

      Q2: Is Avalon City Islamabad an affordable property project?

      Ans. The convenient payment options at Avalon City Islamabad leave little room for question in this positive answer. The administration has done an excellent job striking a balance between high-end amenities and reasonable prices.

      Q3: Should you consider investing in Avalon City Islamabad?

      Ans. With the Avalon City Islamabad payment plan, even modest investors have a better opportunity of seeing a healthy return on their money.

      Q4: Exactly where in Islamabad is Avalon City situated?

      Answer: You can find Avalon City Islamabad on Chakri Road, not far from the M-2 Motorway.

      Q5: Can I expect a decent return on my money if invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

      Ans. Among the many possible investment options in Islamabad, Avalon City Islamabad stands head and shoulders above the others.

      Q6: Can plots in Avalon City Islamabad be purchased?

      Ans. Land in Avalon City may be bought and sold.