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  • Seeing our devotion and commitment towards our work, it’s safe to say that we are blessed with clients who have always loved working with us.
  • Within no time, Regency Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. has been successful in emerging as one of the country’s fastest growing specialist marketing consultant, and is now considered the true market leader in creative real estate marketing. 

Our Services

Marketing Since the digital world has changed the dynamics of real estate market our agency will market your project with the help of advanced promoting techniques.

Property Transaction When it comes to property transaction, Regency Marketing proves to be nothing but upright with their customers. Seal the deal with the fairest agency in town.

Investment Consultation If you are searching for a reliable property consultant, look no further! Regency Marketing will guide you in the best way possible keeping you requirements and budget in  mind.

Marketing 72%
Property Transaction
Property 45%
Investment Consultation
Investment 66%

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    Our Team


    Mr. Shoaib Mehmood

    Founder & CEO

    Introducing The Visionary who laid the foundation of Regency Marketing. Mr. Shoaib Mehmood Malhi is the devouted founder who has worked tirelessly to establish an upright marketing company in the world of real estate.


    Mr. Muhammad Saad Tariq

    Marketing Manager

    Media plays a vital role in a company’s timely growth and prosperity. Mr. Saad Tariq effectively manages and coordinates media team with the goal of providing quality work and taking Regency to the heights of glory.

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