Park View City Islamabad​

In the midst of scenic views, Park View City Islamabad is a sight for nature lovers. Experience luxury, comfort and security, all within one society for a lifetime.

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    Park View City Islamabad

    Park View City Islamabad, popularly known as PVC is one of the most sumptuous housing societies of Islamabad designed by the well reputed Vision Group. Located in Islamabad’s Zone IV, the society lies in close proximity of Bahria Enclave, surrounded by the ever so serene Margalla Hills. Park View City is situated near Botanical Gardens, which do not only add beauty to it but also serve the purpose of biodiversity. With the help of green houses and nurseries, plants and flowers of various kinds will be grown and formation of Organic Food Market will ensure provision of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    PVC is a project devloped by Vision Group, owned by Aleem Khan, who has devotedly contributed in the growth of the country by serving as an active politician and an empathetic philanthropist.  Vision Group has also worked on several other successful projects like Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, The National School and Park View City Lahore. Being a CDA approved residential society; PVC becomes a safe choice for local as well as overseas investors.

    The scenic views, tranquil environment, constant development and opulent infrastructure make Park View City an extremely desirable project for investment. With the motive of providing comfort, security, luxury and all kinds of facilities under the same project, PVC Islamabad is hands down the best opportunity for investors and residents of the society.

    Park View City Islamabad


    In the midst of scenic views, Park View City Islamabad is a sight for nature lovers. Experience luxury, comfort and security, all within one society for a lifetime.

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      Park View City Islamabad Plot Size

      The new block has initially launched only three plot sizes. These plot cuttings include:

      5 Marla

      The total price for 5 Marla is 7,000,000 which can be booked by giving 25% down payment and rest of the amount is paid in 8 quarterly installments within 2.5 years.

      10 Marla

      The total price for 10 Marla is 11,000,000 which can be booked by giving 25% down payment and rest of the amount is paid in 8 quarterly installments within 2.5 years.

      1 Kanal

      The total price for 1 Kanal is 25,000,000 which can be booked by giving 25% down payment and rest of the amount is paid in 8 quarterly installments within 2.5 years.

      Park View City Islamabad Location & Map

      Park View City Islamabad location covers about 7000 Kanal of land that can be easily accessed from some of the major locations of Islamabad. The society requires only 5 minutes’ drive from Bahria Enclave and 15 minutes from Serena Hotel. Gate 1 of the society provides entrance from Rawal Chowk and Gate 2 gives access from Bhara Kahu, which makes PVC not only easily approachable but also primely located as well. In every which way, the society has ensured ease of accessibility, convenient approach from all the important routes of the main city and short distance from basic utilities.

      Not only that, PVC has laid out a detailed map which gives you an insight into different blocks and sectors (commercial or residential) of the society. The plus point is that all the roads that are heading towards Park view City Islamabad are at least about 100 feet wide. With the upgrade in plan, all these roads will be revamped to 200 feet width which will allow smooth travel within the society.

      Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

      The newly made overseas block of Park View City is primarily designed for overseas Pakistanis. Park View City Overseas Block  all the extra ordinary amenities that Pakistanis get to enjoy while living abroad. The purpose of this block is to ensure high end facilities for a luxurious lifestyle. This block specially serves overseas Pakistanis who are in need of a safe and secure residence or investment to be made. It provides a variety of plot cuttings, which include:

      5 Marla

      10 Marla

      Moreover, this block has more monetary value considering the international standard facilities that it is providing. This means that if you invest in any asset of this money spinning block, you will definitely gain huge amount of profit in the years to come.

      Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate

      Park View City Islamabad has proved itself to be one of the best investment opportunities in capital, time and again. Even after this, the society keeps surprising investors with more exciting features and concept. This time, Park View Islamabad has worked tirelessly to come up with an entirely new block. This block is specially designed for golf fanatics.
      The main purpose of Park View City Golf Estate Block was to introduce a residential space that incorporates a golf course nearby for golf lovers. This way the society has managed to attract the attention of investors, residents and visitors as well as sports fanatics.

      Park View City Islamabad Division

      As this block is special, it comes with perks of its own. Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate is divided into percentage ratio in the following manner:

      • 60 percent greenery reserved for golf course
      • 40 percent vacant land solely dedicated to residential area.

      Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate Payment Plan has been kept very simple keeping the affordability and ease of buyers in mind. To book a plot you need to pay 25 percent of the total amount and then the rest of the payment is given in 8 quarterly installments. This means that the whole plan takes a total time period of 2 years to complete. 

      Park View City Islamabad Project Details


      Park View City Islamabad incorporates various residential and commercial blocks, named as A,B,C,D,E,F,H,I,J,K,M,N and P.

      3.5 Marla plots are being offered only in K block

      5 Marla plots are being offered in Block A, B, F, J , K 

      8 Marla plots are being offered only in H block

      10 Marla plots are being offered in Block A, B, F, H and I

      1 Kanal plots are being offered in Block B, C, E, F, N and M 

      2 Kanal plots are being offered in Block D and P

      The sizes for residential plots include 3.5, 5, 8 and10 Marla as well as 1 and 2 Kanal whereas sizes for commercial plots include 6 and 8 Marla only.

      Apart from that PVC also offers an extra ordinary block named as Overseas Block.

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        Park View City Islamabad Downtown Commercial

        The next big commercial hub of Pakistan will now be situated in Islamabad, known by the name Downtown Commercial. The foundation of this marvel was laid on 4th September, 2020. It is located right next to J sector of the society.

        Park View City Downtown commercial will comprise of a list of renowned brands that will take care of your shopping spree needs. The first ever I-max Cinema will also be introduced where you can watch your favorite movies in 3D motion.

        The plot sizes that are being offered in Downtown Commercial are 6 and 8 Marla. The payment plan strictly abides by installment method where you have to give 25 percent down payment, followed by 6 quarterly installments within the time frame of 2 years.


        Park View City Islamabad The Walk

        Based on the notion of Dubai’s famous commercial zone The Walk, Park View City introduced a mall with the same name to provide commercial experience as per international standards.

        This project is spread across an area of 150 Kanals and is located next to H and J Blocks, the most eminent blocks of Park View City. The plot size that is being currently offered in the Walk is 1 Kanal only.

        The payment plan of The Walk follows installment method where you have to give 20 percent down payment, after which you are supposed to submit 8 quarterly installments within the total time period of 2.5 years.


        Park View City Islamabad Installment & Payment Plan

        For the convenience of investors, Park View City Islamabad payment plan is very simple and easy to get done with. Contrary to lump sum payment method, Park View City has decided to select installment method which takes place in 3 steps. The first step is booking, which requires 25% percent down payment of the total amount, next step is to pay remaining amount in monthly, quarterly or half yearly  installments within the time period of 2 to 2.5 years, depending upon the type of plot and block you are investing in. 

        Park View City Islamabad Booking Method

        To book your plot in Park View City, we require following documentations

        • ID card Copy of the applicant
        • ID card Copy of your Nominee or next to kin
        • Passport size picture
        • 25% Down payment in form of Cash/Pay Order/Cross-Cheque

        For Overseas Investors our team would require NICOP of the applicant and the documents mentioned above. You can consult any estate agent from Regency Marketing and seek advice regarding your asset of interest. Once you come to a final decision, your agent will provide you a booking form followed by down payment of the chosen asset.

        Park View City Islamabad Features

        PVC Islamabad acknowledges the importance of providing security along with entertainment for its residents. From basic necessities to lavish luxuries, the management team of Park View City has intricately worked upon provision of high end amenities. For an extraordinary lifestyle the society is providing


        Within Park View City Islamabad, various commercial zones are proposed for development to meet all of the demands of the residents, including the establishment of brands to provide a convenient shopping experience.


        Fun activities are incorporated in the project’s development plan to provide enough delight to people of all genders and ages without having to travel far for the purpose, especially for youngsters. PVC takes care of all your amusement needs. 


        A wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities are highlighted and offered for development, together with all essential equipment and specifications for each sport/game. For staying fit and healthy, gyms and sport tracks play a vital role. 


        Round the clock CCTV Camera Surveillance and sturdy security guards ensure the safety of all the residents and the visitors of the society. Unusual activities are monitored through cameras and immediate action is taken for the protection of PVC members.


        Park View City Islamabad educational institutions are being targeted and developed with today’s curriculum in mind, as well as easy access and
        minimal distance for society’s residents. Quality education is the right of your children for a bright future.


        The dam’s construction will also feature an electric power plant to ensure that electricity is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making Park View City a load-shedding-free zone by utilising all available resources.

        FAQs About Park View City Islamabad


        We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Park View City Islamabad as follows:

        Park View City Islamabad is a residential society that was launched in 2019 and built in order to provide a safe and secure living space along with world class facilities in the heart of the capital.

        The owner of this opulent masterpiece is Mr. Aleem Khan and the developers of this society are Vision Group of Companies.

        The society offers a wide variety of plot cuttings as per your feasibility. 5, 8, 10 Marla along with 1 & 2 Kanal fall in the Residential Plots category whereas 6 and 8 Marla come under Commercial Plots category.

        The possession of plots in the developed blocks of the society is granted to its investors and for the remaining blocks, the possession will be granted after the balloting.

        Contact Regency Marketing at the given details so that you can have the assistance of a professional, for accurate guidance and help with investment opportunities.

        Park view city Islamabad is totally legal housing scheme with NOC and planning permission approved from CDA.

        Park View City Islamabad management is offering Installment Payment Method which allows you to purchase your choice of asset with monthly/quarterly installments.