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Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad – One of the most luxurious housing societies in Islamabad.

Don’t you want to be a part of an ultimate destination of luxurious living? The Park View City Islamabad is the perfect fit for you! The esteemed developers, The Vision Group, crafted this elegant housing society with love and care, which always amazes us with its exceptional projects. The society is situated in the hub of Zone IV in Islamabad, opposite the Bahria Enclave. Being surrounded by the Margalla Hills and Botanical Gardens further add to its beauty.

The genius mind behind this magnificent project is the visionary Aleem Khan, a prominent politician and philanthropist. Under the banner of Vision Group, Park View City is one of the country’s most sought-after projects, along with other successful ventures like Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, The National School, and Park View City Lahore. Moreover, PVC is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), making it a secure investment for local and overseas investors.

Park View City Islamabad Developers And Owners

Park View City Islamabad is owned by Abdul Aleem Khan and developed by the most trusted developers in Pakistan, The Vision Group. The scenic residential project offers a perfect blend of advanced amenities and natural beauty, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a serene and comfortable living environment. The Vision Group, the fearless developers of this ambitious project, have spared no expense to ensure that every inch of the floating city is perfect. PVC developers and owners are confident that their vision will become a reality, even if they have to leave no stone unturned.

Park View City Islamabad NOC Status

Want to know about Park View City NOC Status? Everyone wants to invest in a legal and secure housing project, right? Park View City Islamabad is a legitimate housing society in Islamabad as its NOC Status is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Can you believe it? It is a great success for PVC to gain its NOC Certificate and other legal approvals from the relevant regulatory authorities. What are you waiting for if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to live in a secure and legal society? Be a part of this luxurious society now to experience international living standards firsthand!

Park View City Islamabad Booking Method

To book your plot in Park View City, we require following documentations:

  • ID card Copy of the applicant
  • ID card Copy of your Nominee or next to kin
  • Passport size picture
  • 25% Down payment in form of Cash/Pay Order/Cross-Cheque

For Overseas Investors our team would require NICOP of the applicant and the documents mentioned above. You can consult any estate agent from Regency Marketing and seek advice regarding your asset of interest. Once you come to a final decision, your agent will provide you a booking form followed by down payment of the chosen asset.

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    Park View City Islamabad Location & Map

    Get ready for a crazy ride as we explore the Park View City Islamabad location and map! PVC is located at Zone 4 Malot route. The society covers about 7000 hectares of land and is easily accessible from central locations in Islamabad. You can reach Bahria Enclave in 10 minutes and the luxurious Serena Hotel in just 15 minutes! 

    But wait, there’s more! Park View City Islamabad has not one but two gates for your convenience. Gate 1 is accessible from Rawal Chowk, while Gate 2 gives you access from Bhara Kahu. Society has ensured that all critical routes are easily accessible and essential utilities are just a stone’s throw away.

    And that’s not even the best part. The society has a detailed map that will blow your mind! It gives you an inside look at different blocks and sectors, both commercial and residential. And get this: all the roads leading to Park View City Islamabad are at least 100 feet wide, but wait for it; there are plans to upgrade them to 200 feet wide! Imagine smooth travel within society! So, buckle up and be ready to find this incredible location!

    Park View City Nearby Landmarks

    The major Elanza Creeks nearby landmarks are as follows:

    • Near the Botanical Garden.
    • Near Rawal Lake and Serena Hotel.
    • In front of Downtown Lake
    • Easily accessible from Society Road M-1.
    • Easily accessible from Malot Road.
    • Near Simly Dam Road.
    • In front of Downtown Lake.
    • Near Islamabad Golf Club.
    • Bahria Enclave-I
    • Bahria Enclave-II
    • Bani Gala
    • Bhara Kahu
    • Chak Shehzad
    • Pind Begwal
    • Islamabad International Airport
    • Bahria Enclave Zoo
    • Quaid e Azam University
    • Shakarparian National Park
    • Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science, & Technology

    Park View City Access Roads

    The luxurious housing society is easily accessible from:

    • At Malot Road
    • 10 minutes from Bahria Enclave
    • 10 minutes from Park Enclave
    • 15 minutes from Serena Hotel
    • 15 minutes from Blue Area
    • 15 minutes from Bara Kahu
    • 25 minutes from Kurri Road

    Park View City Blocks

    Following are the total Park View City Blocks:

    • Block A
    • Block B
    • Block C
    • Block D
    • Block E
    • Block F
    • Block H
    • Block J
    • Block K
    • Golf Estate Block
    • Overseas Block
    • Park View Homes
    • The Walk Commercial
    • Downtown Commercial
    • Park View Terrace Apartments

    Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

    We have great news for you about Park View City Islamabad Blocks, so stick to your seats! Get ready now because Park View City Islamabad has launched its new block, PVC Overseas Block, for overseas Pakistanis. The Overseas Block stays focused; its sole mission is to provide top-notch amenities to ensure a luxurious lifestyle for its residents.

    Park View City Overseas Block is perfect for those overseas Pakistanis looking for a safe and secure place to live or invest in. The cherry on top is its variety of plot cuttings available, including 5 Marla and 10 Marla sizes, offering international standard facilities. Investing in this money-spinning block is the best wise decision if you want to make some money. So, join Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block for long-term investments!

    Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate

    Get ready for the craziest golfing and residential experience at Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate! This block is extraordinary, with 60% of the land reserved for a magnificent golf course surrounded by lush greenery. The remaining 40% is dedicated to residential areas, providing a luxurious living space.

    But wait, there’s more! The Park View City Golf Estate Block offers an affordable payment plan designed with buyers’ ease in mind. Pay 25% of the total amount to book your plot, and the remaining payment is split into 8 quarterly installments, completing the plan in just 2 years. Don’t miss this insane opportunity to live and golf in style at Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate Block!

    Park View City Islamabad H Block

    Park View City Islamabad H Block is a highly luxurious block of the housing society as it is located at a prime location offering top-notch amenities and world-class luxurious facilities to its residents. This block best suits those who want to buy small residential plots in installments. Park View City H Block offers each size of residential plot available – from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, to 1 Kanal. So come down to Park View City Islamabad H Block and experience the real estate adventure of a lifetime!

    Park View City Islamabad Hills Estate

    Park View Hills Estate is the latest block addition in the housing society, offering its residents a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle. Park View Hills Estate Block boasts stunning views of the surrounding mountains by being situated in the scenic hills. The houses are beautifully designed, with modern architecture and high-quality materials. The vibrant and friendly community has a welcoming atmosphere. Plenty of amenities are available for residents, including a swimming pool, gym, and playgrounds for children. Park View Hills Estate Block is also conveniently located close to shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it the perfect place to call home. Whether looking for a quiet retreat or a lively community, Park View Hills Estate Block has something for everyone.

    Park View City Islamabad Downtown Commercial

    Park View City Downtown Commercial is a vibrant hub of activity in the heart of this bustling society. Residents and visitors can find everything they need, from shopping to entertainment and relaxation. The commercial area is home to many businesses, from trendy boutiques and upscale restaurants to cozy cafes and bustling markets. You can spend the day exploring the many shops and galleries, relaxing with coffee, and watching the world go by. 

    Park View City Downtown Commercial is a hub of business activities, offering its residents various employment and business opportunities. With so much to see and do, PVC Downtown Commercial is the perfect place to make secure investments. So come on down and experience the energy and excitement for yourself!

    Park View City Islamabad Installment & Payment Plan

    Park View City Islamabad payment and installment plan offers investors a unique and exciting opportunity. Instead of lump sum payments, they have a three-step installment method where you can make a 25% down payment to secure your plot, then pay the rest in monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly installments over 2 to 2.5 years, depending on the type of plot and block you’re investing in. Park View City payment plan is simple and highly affordable, making it accessible to everyone. If you’re considering investing in PVC, now is the time to act. So why wait? Join the party in Park View City, where the installment plan is simple, the plots are plentiful, and the fun never stops.

    Park View City Islamabad Payment and Installment Plan is as follows:

    Free Consultation

    At Regency Marketing, we believe in making your property journey as seamless and stress-free as possible. We offer our clients Free Property Consultations and a comprehensive suite of property-related solutions. Our commitment to you begins with a no-obligation, no-cost consultation, where our team of expert advisors will sit down with you to understand your unique real estate needs and aspirations. Whether buying, selling, or investing, our dedicated and experts will guide you at every step, providing the best solutions that suit your goals. We’re not just in the business of real estate; we’re in the business of making your dreams a reality. Join us at Regency Marketing for a Free Consultation, and let’s unlock the potential of your property journey together. Your success is our mission, and it all starts here – with a conversation that costs you nothing but could mean everything.

      Features & Amenities of Park View City

      Park View City is a premier residential enclave that sets the standard for luxurious living in the heart of Pakistan’s capital. Nestled amidst the serene Margalla Hills, this thriving community offers remarkable features and amenities that make it a truly exceptional place to call home.

      Commercial Preoccupations

      Within Park View City Islamabad, various commercial zones are proposed for development to meet all of the demands of the residents, including the establishment of brands to provide a convenient shopping experience.

      Parks and Zoos

      Fun activities are incorporated in the project’s development plan to provide enough delight to people of all genders and ages without having to travel far for the purpose, especially for youngsters. PVC takes care of all your amusement needs. 

      Center for Community

      A wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities are highlighted and offered for development, together with all essential equipment and specifications for each sport/game. For staying fit and healthy, gyms and sport tracks play a vital role. 

      Security System

      Round the clock CCTV Camera Surveillance and sturdy security guards ensure the safety of all the residents and the visitors of the society. Unusual activities are monitored through cameras and immediate action is taken for the protection of PVC members.


      Park View City Islamabad educational institutions are being targeted and developed with today’s curriculum in mind, as well as easy access and minimal distance for society’s residents. Quality education is the right of your children for a bright future.

      No Load Shedding Zone

      The dam’s construction will also feature an electric power plant to ensure that electricity is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making Park View City a load-shedding-free zone by utilising all available resources.

      FAQs About Park View City Islamabad

      We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Park View City Islamabad as follows:

      Q1. What is ParkView City?

      Located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan, ParkView City is a luxurious and sophisticated housing complex.

      Q2. Where is ParkView City Located?

      Zone IV of Islamabad's Malot Road, just south of the Bahria Enclave, is where you'll find the thriving community of ParkView City.

      Q3. Who is the Owner of ParkView City?

      This innovative housing society is a project of Vision Group. Vision group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of politics.

      Q4. Is ParkView City Islamabad Legal?

      ParkView City is a completely legitimate home development that has received both NOC and planning approval from the CDA.

      Q5. What Plot sizes are available in ParkView?

      You can book 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal Residential Plots and 6 & 8 Marla Commercial plots in the society.

      Q6. Does ParkView City have an instalment plan?

      For its investors' ease, the organisation does really provide a 2-year payment plan.