Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City is a colossal housing society near the New Islamabad Airport, located on Chakri Road. This housing society offers the finest real estate investment choices, including residential and commercial properties, as well as low-income apartments and magnificent farmhouses with flexible payment options.

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    Blue World City Islamabad

    The Blue World City Islamabad is a housing complex, situated on the Main Chakri Road, running parallel to the Lahore – Islamabad M2 Motorway. This project is prospected to be developed on a land of more than 95000 kanals. By incorporating all civic facilities of worldwide standards, the housing society is expected to become a marvel of the twin cities. It is situated around the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Islamabad International Airport. Comparing it to future housing societies in the vicinity, the Blue World City is in an ideal location due to its proximity to the Rawalpindi Ring Road project.


    Blue World City


    Pakistan’s first ever housing society that is promoting spots for tourist attraction, luxurious lifestyle and tranquil environment at highly affordable rates.

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      Blue World City Location & Map

      The Blue World City’s locality gives it unparalleled access to both the twin cities, and the rest of Pakistan. The area around the new Islamabad motorway has a bright future because both urban centers have the following in the vicinity of Blue World City:

      • New Islamabad International Airport
      • Kashmir Highway
      • Model Chakri Motorway Interchange
      • Green Oaks Farms
      • New Rawalpindi Ring Road

      the average person, especially when you compare it with the other housing societies nearby.

      Blue World City’s location and map are easily accessible now. Real estate investors always prioritize location of a property, and place their money where they will achieve a positive return on investment. Blue World City is in charge of four key megaprojects in the twin cities.

      Blue World City is the only housing society in the area that is close to the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road, which is a 66-kilometer project that would connect Rawat’s GT Road with Sangjani Toll Plaza and the New Islamabad Motorway. When the Rawalpindi Ring Road is finished, Blue World City will be one of the few communities able to use it.

      Apart from all of BWC’s qualities, the property cost in BWC is the most reasonable and accessible to


      Blue World City Payment and Instalment Plan

      The Blue World City Payment Plan is laid out on a vision to make investment easy and sustainable for its valuable investors. The payment plan has been conveniently broken down into 40 monthly instalments, and 8 half-quarterly instalments.

      The Blue World City payment plans and instalment plans are provided here.

      Blue World City Plot Sizes

      Different plot sizes are available for both commercial and residential plots:

      In the General Block, following Plots for Sale in BWC are available

      • 5 Marla Plots
      • 8 Marla Plots
      • 10 Marla Plots
      • 1 Kanal Plots
      • 2 Kanal Plots

      In the Overseas Block, Blue World residential plots are divided into the following:

      • 7 Marla Plots
      • 10 Marla Plots
      • 1 Kanal Plots
      • 2 Kanal Plots

      Commercial plots will be soon expanding in value at an expediting speed as the CPEC roads are laid out. Besides residential plots, these are the sizes of commercial plots available in Blue World City:

      • 5 Marla Commercial Plots
      • 8 Marla  Commercial Plots

      Booking Process

      • Once you arrive at Regency Marketing in Gulberg Greens, you will meet with your Regency Marketing Asset Manager to learn everything you need to know about investment possibilities and concerns. They will walk you through the whole process.


      • When you are done with the process, you will be required to provide the following documentation:
        • Two passport-size pictures
        • A copy of your CNIC, or NICOP (for Overseas Pakistanis)
        • A copy of your Next of Kin ID card
        • A pay order/cheque payable to Blue Group of Companies.

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        Blue World City Overseas Block

        This housing society is the only one in the twin cities with a sector dedicated to the Chinese nationals. They are expected to make Pakistan their second home as the CPEC progresses. This has strengthened the society’s investment prospects. Real estate agents are optimistic about positive returns on their investments.

        Besides this, Blue World City Overseas Block is being built entirely for Pakistanis living abroad. This block has a gated community, is being developed to meet demands of abroad Pakistanis who want to invest in properties back home.

        Free Consultation

        Blue World City is developing in collaboration with Chinese infrastructure developers. The BWC’s entire goal is to create a prosperous image of Pakistan by turning the housing society into a tourist attraction. Residents will have access to all municipal amenities of world standards, such as state-of-the-art parks, worship places, surveillance and security.

        Regency Pvt. Ltd is BWC Islamabad’s platinum partner. Prospective investors can benefit from free real estate consultations in order to make beneficial investments. Call Regency Marketing on the contact details provided for additional information, or schedule a free consultation NOW!

        Water Front Block

        The all new Water Front Block is truly an epitome of class! This residential space incorporates world class amenities that ensure leading a comfortable yet luxurious life. The views alone will make the investment worthwhile. Residents will enjoy serene views of streams flowing outside their window and benefit from smart technology making their living extremely sustainable.
        This block constitutes of the following plot cuttings:
        6 Marla
        12 Mala
        18 Marla

        General Block

        As the name suggest this block is specifically built keeping in mind the general public of Pakistan. Their preferences and affordability have been kept in consideration to provide a lifestyle that doesn’t fall short of facilities yet is highly budget friendly. The General Block of Blue World City constitutes of a mix of residential and commercial plots. Residential plot sizes are mentioned below:
        5 Marla
        8 Marla
        10 Marla
        1 Kanal
        2 Kanal
        On the other hand, commercial category only includes 5 Marla.

        Features of Blue World City Islamabad

        Mosques & Islamic Architecture

        Mosques have been constructed all around the society as a symbol of Muslim togetherness and brotherhood. With the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica, Islamic architecture has received a lot of attention.

        Water, Gas & Electricity

        The developers have put in relentless work to guarantee access to appropriate resources, like water, gas, and electricity is constant. Underground electrical cables have been laid to ensure that inhabitants have a steady supply of energy.

        Commercial Hub

        BWC brings an eccentric option to make a lot of money. Because the CPEC lines are so close together, it has the potential to become the country’s next big commercial center. It’s an opportunity to engage with a variety of communities, including Chinese and Pakistanis living abroad.


        Round the clock CCTV Camera Surveillance and sturdy security guards ensure the safety of all the residents and the visitors of the society. Unusual activities are monitored through cameras and immediate action is taken for the protection of PVC members.

        Schools, Hospitals and Police Stations

        The Blue World City Master Plan shows an inclusion of numerous schools, police stations, and medical facilities. The project includes a 40-bed hospital facility meeting international standards.

        Security and Surveillance

        This society will become one of the safest housing societies in the country. It has been developed with a sophisticated 24/7 surveillance system. Security personnel are trained and skilled, and security standards are supervised to be met with.

        FAQs About Blue World City


        We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Blue World City Islamabad as follows:

        Blue World City has laid out a convenient plan for its investors. With monthly and bi-annual instalments, the society offers a 3-year instalment plan for commercial plots and a 4-year instalment plan for residential plots.

        Call on the contact details provided to learn everything there is to know about Blue World City.

        Society will soon announce its balloting and possession processes after reaching a certain developmental milestone is achieved.

        The NOC for Blue World City is in the works and will be approved by RDA in the near future (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

        Blue World City’s headquarters are in Lahore, and the branch office in Islamabad is on Main GT Road, next to the Bahria Phase 6 gate.

        Because Chinese high-profile businessmen are bringing this project to Pakistan, and its principal master plan and theme were designed by a Chinese company, it is known as Pak-China Friendship City.

        Blue World City aims to provide its residents with all the basic and advanced facilities including availability of water, electricity, and gas 24/7.

        According to the Blue World City Latest Updates, this society provides an overseas block that is specifically created to meet the demands of Pakistanis living abroad, with all sorts of features.