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Top 5 Housing Societies in Islamabad

Let’s start with why invest in Islamabad at all? It is surely the central commercial hub of the country. With all sorts of hi-fi local and multi-national companies setting their foot in the capital city, inevitably it gives the best futuristic opportunities to investors. Timely and well curated investments would totally give the best return on investment in the near future. But it is surely important to understand the fact that there are over a hundred illegal housing societies, and numerous others with slow development progresses. Regency Marketing wishes to help you choose what’s best for you and your family.
We have listed out five of the most authentic and promising housing schemes in Islamabad, that are truly rewarding in one way or the other. Regarding location, affordability, ease on installments or state-of-the-art features, we have picked these out to help you choose the most ideal based on your requirements.

Capital Smart City

Designed on international standards, Capital Smart City is a revolutionary project based on the smart city concept. Such housing projects integrate the sense of utilizing technology for the best of its residents’ interests, as well as the preservation of nature. They have truly made lives of the investors easier with provision of smart features, the requirements of the 21st century.

Gulberg Greens

Located at the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, this aesthetically pleasing housing scheme is being develop by IBCEHS, with a maximum of green area. You must have guessed it from the name that it will be highly pleasing and relaxing to be a resident here. Such projects are designed to bring peace and tranquility in the lives of the residents. The main roads are all wide enough to prevent traffic and allow smooth drives to its residents. It is ideally located by the Islamabad expressway, providing ease of Access to the main downtowns of the twin cities.

Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is an elite housing society, one of its kind, with the highest and quickest returns on profit in all of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The developers have made sure that it has a provision of all sorts of basic amenities and other features to allow a happy living. It is the only CDA approved housing society that lies within Islamabad, perfectly located by its Gate 1 at Malot road, and Gate 2 at Bhara Kahu.

Silver City

Quite affordable and suitable for living, Silver city is only about 19 minutes away from the Srinagar Highway, an important linker with the mainland Islamabad. This society also has features like a sports complex and community center for its residents to have recreational activities and socialize. It is set to provide a great lifestyle to its residents, being a gated community.

Blue World City

All set to become a tourist destination with having replicas of world monuments, the Blue Mosque of Turkey, and world’s largest Horse Mascots, it shows that it has the potential to be a profitable investment hotspot in the near future. Blue Group of Companies has begun the development progress at their best and the society’s property is available for booking at the most affordable rates possible in that luxurious area.
These housing societies have a ton of features and amenities being offered that it is hard to fit them in this blog. Head on to our detailed pages on them individually to learn more. Regency Marketing deals in the most iconic projects in Islamabad and Lahore. Our trustworthy team is always on the run to assist our callers and guide them for the best in the client’s interest.

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