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Top 5 amenities of Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is one of the capital’s best places to invest in. it will yield high profits and will have a flood of investors and buyers in the near future. Located in prime location of the twin cities, this society has access open to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which will make it easy for the residents to commute. In this article, you will be going through several features of Park View City Islamabad that makes it stand out from all other such societies in the capital.

Downtown commercial:

Based on the infrastructure of the metropolitan city Dubai, this commercial hub is going to be proven as Pakistan’s best commercial hub in the near future. From restaurants to shopping malls and grocery marts will be available in the most anticipated commercial hub. You do not need to worry about going places in search of all of these facilities iMAX Cinema.
Another feature of this society is that an iMAX Cinema is also about to be introduced soon, in which the visitors and resident can enjoy their favorite movies, and enjoy them with 3D effect. With this kind of latest technology, it will become Pakistan’s first such cinema. The features of this cinema ensure that the audience attending these cinemas will have an unimaginably extraordinary experience.

Golf Estate

The most remarkable thing about Park View City Islamabad is that the authority gives extraordinary importance to sports. Which is why an exclusive block has been initiated for golf lovers, called Golf Estate. This block will have somewhat amazingly different facilities than other blocks of the society. The Golf Estate block is exclusively outstanding in a way that it is extremely luxurious and will provide high comfort to its residents.

Underground wiring system:

Many areas in Pakistan face the issue of load-shedding. It causes hindrance in people’s daily routine and activities. This society is special in a way that it contains a completely underground wiring system, which ensures that this society will become a completely load-shedding free zone. Which means as far as basic facilities are concerned, Park View City residents do not have to worry about them at all!

Healthcare systems

Park View City has launched international standard healthcare system that does not compromise on its residents’ health. All kinds of state-of-the-art facilities are available in this society, which also contain and inclusive medical facility system. This includes an ambulance system that is exclusive to Park View City, called Parkview Samaritan Medical transport. park view city also started their another project in Lahore with the name of Lahore park View
Park View City, which is located in the heart of Islamabad, is the epitome of elegance and tranquilly. When it comes to locating the ideal family-friendly community, there are numerous factors to consider, including schools, hospitals, and other necessary amenities. It is a Vision Group project that focuses on accessibility and comfort. Park View City Lahore is a modern society with a Community Center, Commercial Area, Health Club, Mosque, Security Cameras/Surveillance, and a well-constructed defensive border wall.

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