Lahore Smart City

The second smart city of Pakistan, where technology meets comfort, required to balance professional and private life efficiently.

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    Lahore Smart City

    After Capital Smart City in Islamabad, Lahore Smart City is set to become the 2nd Smart City of Pakistan. Located by the Lahore By-pass road near Kala Shah KaKu, it is a revolutionary housing society. The layout plan for LSC is in process to receive LDA approval.

    Launch of Lahore Smart City has been begun in a full-fledge process to develop the society along the By-pass Road, Lahore. The area for LSC reaches across a gigantic piece of land of an approximate 20,000 Kanals


    Lahore Smart City


    The second smart city of Pakistan, where technology meets comfort, required to balance professional and private life efficiently.

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      Lahore Smart City – An Overview

      The launch of Lahore Smart City has been put in motion, located by the Lahore by-pass. The development is being handled by Future Development Holdings, or the FDH. FDH is an executive corporation that is at the moment developing the capital smart city in Islamabad. They will be taking over the progress for a Smart City in Lahore as well. The progress will be done in accordance with international standards of smart cities across the globe, to provide our clients with state-of-the-art infrastructure.


      What is a Smart City ?

      A smart city is basically a concept for a digitally associated urban development whose foundation is laid on the basis of an eco-friendly vision. It is a municipal authority that uses the latest technological approach for communication and information processing. Considering these, Lahore Smart City is set to have all the essential, modern and luxurious amenities while making sure that a desirable lifestyle in this smart city will be sustainable and achievable. All such features are present in Capital Smart City Islamabad, and will also be found flourishing in Lahore Smart City.

      A Smart City in Lahore

      Lahore, the city of gardens is one of the most densely populated cities of Pakistan. It is undoubtedly among the significant metropolitan cities of the world. As a large number of people from the surrounding Punjab, the most densely populated province of Pakistan, choose moving to Lahore every year, the development and management pressure on development in the city has largely increased.

      The idea for a smart city in Lahore has been devised based on this issue; to lower and share the pressure from the city’s urban development, and provide the residents with one of a kind opportunity to invest in the picturesque suburbs of the city.

      Lahore Smart City Location and Map

      When you are making an important decision regarding investments, we know that your main concern would be the “location”. The location of a property is essential to comprehend the pros and cons, which impacts the whole purpose of the investment. Lahore Smart City, similar to the Capital Smart City, is set to launch by a junction of major roads of the metropolis Lahore. According to the development plan, the Lahore Smart City will be located beside the By-pass road, with connecting ways from the N5 GT road, and the M2 Motorway (the Lahore – Islamabad motorway). Such a location is ideal for investment, due to the fact that it is accessible by an important linker between two urban centers of Pakistan; Islamabad and Lahore. Based on this sole reason, the bookings for properties in the future smart city have expedited greatly and will be saturated within no time. Real estate agents confess that this project is potentially a game-changer in the world of real estate in Pakistan, and will predictably become a competitor to Bahria Town. The two major roads connecting with the smart city in Lahore will be a source of guarantee that this will be a prime epicenter for investment in the near future.


      Lahore Smart City Map

      You can book a plot in Lahore Smart City with our help. For local applicants, we require:

      Lahore Smart City will be covering over 20,000 Kanal stretch of land in the suburbs of Lahore. Though not yet made public, the map, location and the layout is reiterated by sources to have been shared with the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) for the sake of approval. As the approval is anticipated positively to be granted, there has been a mild launch of a part of the project. This is for the investors that seek their investments to fall in their favor. The earlier the investments are made, the better.

      Lahore Smart City Blocks

      The project will comprise of two blocks, similar to the Capital Smart City:

      1.  Executive Block
      2. Overseas Block

      The overseas block of Lahore Smart City, and executive block will have the below mentioned size of plots available:

      1.  5 marla residential plots
      2. 10 marla residential plots
      3.  1 kanal residential plots

      During the prelaunch of Lahore Smart City, the rates for 5 marla will hover over 1.8 million (18 lakh) PKR. The FDH will be releasing the map and layout for the society officially, right after the approvals are granted by LDA.

      Lahore Smart City Payment & Instalment Plan

      For the ease of investors, the management of Lahore Smart City have devised a viable payment plans that includes convenient instalment procedure. Similar to the Islamabad Capital Smart City, this will be providing a lifetime opportunity for 10% down payment, and identical quarterly instalments. The Lahore Smart City plans for payments and instalments are available for the public now. Prelaunch bookings can be done at the moment. As it is a soft launch, early investors can benefit from the below mentioned payment & instalment plan.

      Executive block (residential)

      The average cost for bookings of plots in the executive block can be estimated about 4,700,000 PKR. Following are the current payment plans for these plots:

      • 5 Marla: PKR 2,685,000/-
      • 7 Marla: PKR 3,490,000/-
      • 10 Marla: PKR 4,954,000/-
      • 12 Marla: PKR 5,425,000/-
      • 20 Marla: PKR 8,050,000/-

      Overseas block (residential)

      For the overseas block the average price of plots can be totaled around 4,900,000 PKR. The payment plan for this block is as follows:

      • 5 Marla: PKR 2,845,000/-
      • 7 Marla: PKR 3,700,000/-
      • 10 Marla: PKR 5,325,000/-
      •  12 Marla: PKR 5,750,000/-
      • 20 Marla: PKR 8,490,000/-

      Quite soon, these payment plans will be revised and will deflect from the above provided information. These rates will not be including any development charges, and these plans are set for 3.5 years instalment plans. 

      Lahore Smart City


      The second smart city of Pakistan, where technology meets comfort, required to balance professional and private life efficiently.

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        Lahore Smart City Booking Process

        Initially based on an idea of creating a society on 20,000+ Kanals of land, Lahore Smart City will provide international standards for urban development, just as the Capital Smart City in Islamabad. The progress being made in the Capital Smart City Islamabad is also projected to expedite in Lahore Smart City. The value of Lahore Smart City location is priceless and makes it the right choice in the current times for investment purposes. Prospective investors can save their spot and book their plots now for receiving the best out of their investment.

        Regency Marketing provides a transparent and smooth process for booking in Lahore Smart City, similar to how it has been successful with Capital Smart City bookings. Booking process in Lahore Smart City will be made easy through this competent real estate company

        Free Consultation

        Regency Marketing is a legal dealer, and partner of Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City development plan is based on the vision for a revolutionary housing society, changing the way such societies are present, and developing in the populous city.

        As the inventory for executive block in Lahore Smart City, as well as for the overseas block are very limited, it is advisable that you can book your plot today by filling the form at Regency.

        FAQs About Lahore Smart City


        We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Lahore Smart City as follows:

        Future Development Holdings, a subsidiary of Habib Rafiq Limited HRL, is developing Lahore Smart City. They will be overtaking all the developmental procedures of the society

        Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) is the company behind Lahore Smart City. The group has a stellar reputation in Pakistan, having completed and delivered a plethora of real estate projects. HRL has previously completed turnkey urban settlement projects for the DHA, Bahria Town, and the Pakistan Government.

        According to the developers of Lahore Smart City, the LDA approval process is underway, and Lahore Smart City will soon be granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for planning permission and infrastructure development.

        The Lahore Smart City will be built on 20,000 Kanals of land owned entirely by the development company. There is the possibility of future extensions, but for the time being, the society will be built on 20000 Kanals.

        Lahore Smart City is advantageously located alongside Lahore By-pass road. It is located in the Northern Suburbs of Lahore, close to the N5 GT Road Interchange, near the Lahore – Sialkot Motorway, and the M2 Motorway.

        Contact Regency Marketing for required information, and one of our Lahore Smart City specialists will walk you through the booking process. Lahore Smart City has a limited number of plots that you can avail, and they are on a “first come, first serve” basis. The booking fee in Lahore Smart City is as low as 10%. Residential plot sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are currently available.

        Property Features & Amenities of Lahore Smart City

        LDA Approved Society

        Lahore Smart City’s NOC approval will be duly granted by the LDA, and the society is one of the best legal societies in Pakistan. It is safe and secure for now, and for your future as well to invest in this project now.

        Underground Electricity

        Because power scarcity is seen as a severe challenge to businesses across the country, LSC has instaled an underground electricity system that is backed up by generators to keep the power on.

        Beautiful Location

        Lahore is an important part of Punjab, the green and fertile land. The Lahore Smart City location is in the scenic hilly areas of the city. You can enjoy the striking aesthetic of the area, the breathtaking sunsets, and the modern, relaxing environment.

        Wide Roads & Main Boulevard

        LSC’s main boulevard is a tremendous 200-foot-long structure that is considered one of the largest and most iconic structures in the housing society. A refreshing view is imparted by the magnificent greenery on the edge.

        Educational Institutes

        LSC strives to even provide residents with high-quality educational institutes on its campus. For this purpose, the management, including the owners, is contacting a lot of small and vast educational institutions.

        High-Tech Security Mechanism

        With high-tech mechanism used for surveillance and security, LSC cares about the security of its investors. You can be carefree about your security and live peacefully in this society