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CDA Approved Housing Societies

The biggest real estate zones in Pakistan are without a doubt, the ultra-modern cities like Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore. If we talk about the capital of the country, Islamabad alone is the hub for generating high-end money spinning projects. Being the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world Islamabad enjoys serene views, tranquil environments and cleanliness like no other city out there.
In this article we will get into the details of the CDA approved residential societies. Before we look into their insights, we will first understand what is CDA? 

What does it mean to be CDA Approved?

CDA stands for Capital Development Authority, which is a public benefit organization that is entirely responsible for providing multiple municipal services in the Capital. CDA was founded in June 1960 and started rendering services after getting approval by Pakistan Capital Regulation. 

A society that is within the premises of Islamabad requires its No Objection Certificate (NOC) to be approved by CDA. This approval is given in two respective steps. Firstly, Technical approval for Layout Plan (LOP) of the scheme is given, followed by issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOC) which is given after completion of required formalities.

CDA Approved Societies:

Now that you are familiar with the concept of CDA, following are the residential societies that have gotten their NOC approved by it:

  • Park View City
  • Capital Smart City

Park View City:

Amidst heighted hills and lush green trees, lies a serene residential project, known by the name of Park View City Islamabad. The developers of this opulent society have gained immense respect for outdoing themselves every time they design a project, be it commercial or residential. Considered as the initiators of real estate development in Pakistan, Vision Group of Companies is the name under which PVC has been built and developed. On the other hand, owner of this state of the art project is none other than, Mr. Aleem Khan. The owner has practically served the country by being an active Politician and Philanthropist.
Currently PVC is offering number of blocks and plot sizes depending upon feasibility of the interested clients. The most famous blocks of this living space are:

  • Overseas Block
  • Golf Estate

Reason behind their fame is the uniqueness that is part of the notion they are based on. Overseas Block is specially built for individuals who are currently residing abroad but wish to move back to their homeland or have a source of earning in their own country.  For earning a generous amount of monetary benefits, people living overseas invest in profitable assets of their own country.
While overseas block is specifically designed for overseas investors, Golf estate is primarily made for people who are keenly fond of sports. The idea of having a golf course nearby your residence is super exciting for golf fanatics, which is why this block has made waves across the city for its distinctiveness.
The plot sizes that are available in PVC Islamabad as of now are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

As per map, Park View City Location allows ease of access from all the important sectors of Islamabad. Moreover, the society is true definition of peace, luxury, comfort, security and warmth. There is no reason why you should miss the golden opportunity of investing into this masterpiece.

Capital Smart City:

The first ever smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart City has taken the real estate market by the scruff of its neck since the time it has been launched. As the idea behind this marvel was one of a kind, it caught the attention of some of the renowned estate investors.
The biggest factor that increases the value of a housing society is being situated at an ideal location. Capital Smart City location has several perks that its visitors and residents get to enjoy. The main ones out of them are ease of access, connection from main routes and convenient approach.
The developers of CSC, FDHL & HRL have previously worked on a handful of successful commercial & residential project that have turned out to be highly profitable. Being a project of such noteworthy developers, the credibility of Capital Smart City Islamabad has already gained trust of its clients all over the country. 
The top 5 features that have contributed in the success rate of CSC are:

  • Waste Management System
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Monitoring of Utilities
  • Smart Wi-Fi

After providing such top of the world features and facilities these societies have had their NOC approved, which alone is a great reason to invest in these marvelous projects. So if you are finding a secure living space or looking for a profit yielding investment, spend your money onto any of the recommendations given above. You will never be disappointed! Good Luck with your future investment!

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