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Park View City Development Status

The Vision Group’s Park View City is a gorgeous living place that has been authorized by the CDA. In addition to this, it may be found right in the middle of Islamabad (Zone IV). In addition, this stunning housing society can be found in a location that affords stunning panoramas of the town’s surrounding hills and verdant landscape. Additionally, Park View features a major Boulevard that is 400 feet wide and gives direct access from the highway into the community. In addition, Kurri Road serves as an alternate entrance to the neighborhood. In a similar vein, the authorities have given their stamp of approval to this project, and it provides a safe environment that is both opulent and not out of reach financially. In addition, this house development is well-liked by investors as a result of the captivating vistas and luxurious amenities that it offers.

Park View City Development Status

The leadership of the famous society is attempting to hasten the development process in order to deliver the project to its investors ahead of the timeframe that was originally established. The building of Blocks A and B is almost completed, and earthmoving work has already begun in the areas that are next to these two blocks.
Residents of A-block will soon have access to clean water for drinking because a new water treatment facility is now under construction. Just like Eighteen Islamabad, this society focuses on offering the best of faclities to all its residents. The water will be filtered, reused, and distributed throughout the entire neighborhood by this treatment plant, which also recycles the water.

At the entrance of Park View City, there is already a magnificent main gate and a road leading in. When it comes to charting and leveling the land, relatively little changes are required because the landscape in this civilization is naturally agricultural, productive, and rich in picturesque vegetation.
It would appear that the society is in a much better position now that the main entry gate to Park View has been constructed and that construction on the main road, which is 200 feet wide, has commenced. This two-kilometer path, which will have direct access from Kurri Road, has been granted approval to be built by the CDA, and building may now begin.
Now let’s discuss a bit about the developers, the artists behind this magnificent project.

Developers And Owners

The Vision Group is responsible for the contemporary architecture and cutting-edge technologies that went into the creation of Park View City Islamabad. Additionally, Mr. Aleem Khan, an active member of PTI, is the owner of Vision group, which he runs as a business. In addition, during the course of its development, this project has become Islamabad’s most popular housing society.

Vision Group

Vision organization was established in 2012 and has already accomplished remarkable levels of accomplishment in the span of fewer than ten years. In addition, this is the first project that Vision Group has worked on in the Islamabad area. In a similar vein, Vision Organization has established its reputation to become the most dependable and trustworthy building group in the area in such a short amount of time. Fortunately, Vision Group is working toward the goal of developing opulent living spaces all across the world’s most vibrant cities. In addition, the projects that the group is working on are reasonably priced and offer a glimpse into the future of housing societies. In addition, Vision Groups places an emphasis on producing a stunning project view by using stylish elements that are refined and tasteful as well as contemporary practical elements.


When it comes to making profitable real estate investments, location is by far the most important consideration. In addition to this, because this factor is of such paramount significance, the majority of seasoned real estate investors and veterans name location as their top priority whenever they are searching for a new home. In addition, the Park View City Islamabad location & map is shown as Zone IV Malot road, which is situated among the verdant Bani Gala Hills. Furthermore, it is located directly adjacent to Park Enclave and directly across from Bahria Enclave Islamabad. It is just 15 minutes by car from the Serena Hotel Islamabad, and it is only a minute’s walk away from the luxuriantly verdant Botanical Garden. As a result, the majority of Park View City may be found in Mouza, which is found in Zone IV of Islamabad.

Status of Possession

Park View City has previously had a balloting event in which the plot holdings for the initially created blocks were determined and declared. According to the officials, the society will most likely be fully formed in two years, at which point all belongings would be distributed simultaneously.
At the moment, the society is taking reservations for brand new plots in a few of the blocks, such as Overseas and Golf Estate. The investors have to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible so that they do not miss out on this priceless chance.

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